Strip Clubs Coming To Wapato?

<p>Martinez Sports Bar</p>

Martinez Sports Bar

The city of Wapato may be the first in the Yakima Valley to have it's own strip club.

The city council approved two ordinances earlier this week --- one that says strip clubs must be at least 500 feet away from schools, churches and parks.

The other requires businesses to own adult entertainment licenses.

Wapato Mayor Jesse Farias says the council began drafting the ordinances after a local bar owner said he wanted to open a strip club.

Potential club owner, Ignacio Martinez, says bringing adult entertainment to Wapato will put the city on the map, but not everyone agrees.

"There's going to be more activities, more -- you know, more people trying to buy property in this town," said Martinez, "That property is going to be up in price, because there's going to be more people here."

"I am shocked, I am just so shocked. First it's marijuana, now it's strip clubs?," asked Lupe Martinez, "What's next, are they going to legalize... Permissive activity?"

The Wapato city council will publish the ordinance at next week's meeting.