Selah Council Holding Last Public Hearing For Utility Tax Proposal

<p>City Administrator David Kelly</p>

City Administrator David Kelly

The Selah City council wants to hear from the public tonight about a proposed utility tax increase.

The City Administrator is suggesting the city decrease the rate on water, sewer and garbage, but increase the tax on it from 6 to 20 percent.

The city is currently in a 5 million dollar budget hole after purchasing 23 acres of land to build a community pool 10 years ago -- the pool was never built.

We stopped by Selah City Hall and asked the City Administrator why residents are now stuck with the city's debt.

"Unfortunately, when I came to this city, there was not a plan that identified revenues to pay for those things," said Kelly, "And so, essentially there was nothing in my office, no plan written anywhere. So I'm left here trying to figure out how to resolve it."

The public hearing will start at 6-30 at the selah civic center.