Pasco School Board decides to put bond on February ballot

The Pasco School Board decides it will put a bond on the ballot next February to fund the building of new schools in the district.

If it passes, the $46 million bond will pay for three new elementary schools.

Last year, voters rejected a $59 million school bond in Pasco.

District administrators say this new bond is cheaper because the district isn't proposing to build a new middle school.

If it passes, 6th graders will stay in elementary schools, which would delay the need for a new middle school until 2024.

"You can never feel confident, but this is about as good as it's gonna get from the standpoint of being able to house the students that we currently have and the growth that we're absorbing" said John Morgan, Pasco School District.

If the bond fails, the district may consider implementing multi-track year-round schooling to alleviate overcrowded classrooms.