Firefighters Battle Barn Fire

<p>Burned Outlook Barn</p>

Burned Outlook Barn

An early morning fire in Outlook destroys a small barn and kills several calves.

It happened around 2:30 this morning near the 2600 block of Gurley Road -- firefighters say the barn was fully engulfed in flames by the time they arrived- they were able to knock down the fire in a matter of minutes.

Firefighters believe the fire started from two heat lamps that were used to keep the owner's cows warm.

The tenants say at least 4 calves were lost in that fire.

"They were already basically burnt by the time we got out there to let them out," said Joanna Uribe, "So the ones that we were able to save -- who actually my cousins were able to save -- they let them out, and the cows ran out."

The total loss of the barn is estimated at about 6 thousand dollars