New Power Lift For Kennewick Fire Department

The Kennewick Fire Department demonstrates a new piece of equipment this morning.

Known as the "Power Load System" this new equipment makes it easier for paramedics to get patients in and out of an ambulance.

The 27 thousand dollar system is not only safer for the patient, but its safer for the first responders.

Fire officials say numbers of work related injuries have gone up, and this new equipment will prevent common back and shoulder injuries.

"With the call volume that we have about 8 thousand calls a year we believe that repetitive motion of lifting and bending and some of the awkward positions we find ourselves in vehicles overturned-we believe this unit will significantly reduce those numbers, " says Vince Beasley.

The Kennewick Fire Department is the 1st in the state to get this new system, and will be getting another power load system by the end of the month.