Students Stomp Out Bullying

Prosser School District students wear orange today in and effort to stomp out bullying.

It was a district wide effort as part of anti bullying month students in prosser were decked out in orange.
The effort is called "make it orange and make it end".

Anti-bullying messages filled the hallways, doors, and the backs of t-shirts in every district school.

The entire school community tells us bullying is a problem at every level.

Students and staff both recognize the need for change, and want students to know there are options.

Counselors also expressed how common cyber bullying is today because of popular social media sites.

One student says he sees the problem happening every single day.

"There are certain cliques that make fun of people and all of that and you just gotta find a way to either avoid them or sorta get away from them," says senior Gabriel Cates.

"When you hear we don't have that problem at our school then there should be some raised eyebrows because we pretty much know from research," says counselor Brian Jones.

Some of the resources students can use to report and prevent bullying include anonymous online reports, student support teams, and talking to school counselors.