Benton Co. Man's Truck Destroyed by Fire

<p>South Benton Co. Truck Fire</p>

South Benton Co. Truck Fire

A man's truck in south Benton County is completely destroyed by fire Monday afternoon.

Benton Fire District #6 responded to the fire just after noon to reports of a vehicle completely engulfed in flames.

This took place just off of State Route 14 at a mobile home park between Paterson and just south of Prosser.

Nick Broun, the truck's owner, said he had just got home from town when he looked outside at his truck and it was on fire.

"I tried to put it out myself, and afraid that the house was gonna go and so I go in the house and start stuffing my pockets with personal belongings," Broun said. "I just I finally gave up because you just can't save everything."

The truck was parked right next to his mobile home, and some of the flames damaged the exterior of the home but there was no internal damage.

Fire crews put out the fire shortly after arrival, but the truck was already a complete loss.

Nobody was injured in the incident. Broun believes there was some grass or weeds stuck under his truck from driving through the farms adjacent to the mobile home park and the debris caught on fire.