Med Students Get Airlift Training

You may have noticed a helicopter flying around Yakima this afternoon, but it was flying with a purpose.

Students at Pacific Northwest University Medical School got the chance to get some hands on training with airlift situations.

A helicopter from Moses Lske was brought in to help simulate an event where an airlift is needed.

The school says this is the first year it's done this type of exercise and hopes to make it an annual event.

"These are situations that we are going to be presented with and also just being able to work together with everybody involved in the process," said medical student Chantal Barbot, "So getting to know the EMS team, Medstar Health, the fire department, everybody, there's so many people involved in an emergency situation, just to understand the flow and being able to communicate well everybody involved."

Airlift Northwest also announced it will permanently base an aircraft in Yakima to help improve access to urgent medical support.