These Heels Are Made For Walking

<p>Walk a Mile in Her Shoes</p>

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Dozens of men gather at the Millennium Plaza this afternoon to be fitted for high heels.

For many, it's an opportunity to experience what it's like walking in heels.

But for all, it's more importantly a chance to show their support for the women in their lives.

"I have a mom, I have a sister, I have nieces, a wife; people I really care about that are women," said Michael Palencia, "The last [thing] I would want to see is any of them getting hurt."

Over 70 men exhanged their tennis shoes for heels this afternoon as part of the 7th Walk a Mile in Her Shoes march.

The event is meant to raise awareness on gender violence and sexual assault -- while also raising money for the programs offered through Comprehensive Mental Health, one of the organization treating victims of such crimes .

"Safety in our community, and family, and family staying together in our community is the essence to health and wellbeing," said Adam Hoverman, "I'm here to support that."

Imagine constantly walking on the balls of your feet, with what feels like stilts on the back of your foot.

Some men describe the mile-long walk as excruciating, and event organizers say that's exactly the kind of message they want to send out.

"I think it's amazing for someone to kind of step into somebody's shoes and try to relive their experience," said event coordinator Emily Maris, "Because women do go through hard times when an assault happens. It's devastating not only on a woman, but also the men, and also the family and friends involved in the family."

"I mean it hurts, but it's nothing compared to the emotional and physical harm that women go through when they're sexually assaulted," said Palencia.

This year the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes campaign raised about one thousand dollars -- that will go towards the Yakima Sexual Assault Victim program.