Yakamas Protest Tribal Council

About 30 people line up outside the Yakama Nation Agency in Toppenish this morning to protest against the Tribal Council.

People waved signs that read "we want answers," and "impeach Tribal Council."

People in the rally say they are upset with how the tribe is handling money and current lawsuits regarding fuel taxes.

People also expressed concerns regarding the Salazar settlement -- a series of lawsuits that accused the government of mismanaging tribal resources.

The tribe is expected to receive about 188 million dollars from the federal government, and people say they are still waiting on those funds.

"They don't know where it's at, they have no idea," said Kyle Spencer, "It was supposed to be 6-12 weeks from December 18th, then it was 6-12 weeks from February. It's just a lot of half truths and misinformation."

"The Salazar funds, the settlement itself has not been released from the federal government," said Council Chairman Harry Smiskin, "There is no funds here at the Yakama Nation, and the Tribal Council is not holding back any money from membership."

The Yakama Nation says it is currently in mediation with the state of Washington over fuel taxes.