Local Runner Speaks Out About Boston Marathon Bombing

<p>Kristelle Harrington</p>

Kristelle Harrington

While investigators work to identify the key suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, we spoke to one local woman who took part in the run on Monday.

Kristelle Harrington says she finished the run about 10 minutes before the bombs went off and was about a quarter of a mile away from the nearest explosion.

Harrington says the marathon was supposed to be the last of her running career, but says recent events have inspired her to keep running.

"No, it wouldn't deter me at all," said Harrington, "In fact, I want to go back. I think a lot of people really want to go back and show them that it's not going to stop anybody. They're not going to scare us."

Harrington says she plans on running in the Sage Rat Half Marathon in Sunnyside next month.