Flight Delays May End Soon

<p>FAA Seal</p>

FAA Seal

Those enormous delays at the airport will come to an end.

As complaints from flyers grow, Congress is taking action to approve legislation that would effectively end furloughs of air traffic controllers, which in turn, have delayed hundreds of daily flights.

In Washington, D.C. today, the House of Representatives approved the measure on a 361 to 41 vote, just one day after the Senate agreed to the bill.

The Federal Aviation Administration furloughed 10 percent of the controllers as part of the government-wide, $85 billion spending cut.

Now, the FAA says it can move money to put controllers back into the towers.

"We are pleased that we can take this action to alleviate the problems caused in our -- for Americans traveling and -- at our airports.  But this is a band-aid solution. It does not solve the bigger problem, and it is impractical to expect that all of the negative consequences of sequester can be solved this way," says White House spokeperson Jay Carney.

The action came as lawmakers head into a week-long spring recess.

President Obama is expected to sign the measure.