Franklin Co. prosecutor can now assist in federal cases

<p>Brian Hultgrenn</p>

Brian Hultgrenn

Franklin County prosecutors will now be able to hold more criminals accountable for federal crimes.

This afternoon, prosecuting attorney Brian Hultgrenn, became a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Washington.

This designation allows Hultgrenn to work on cases in federal court.

Hultgrenn says there are certain federal crimes that are not crimes under state law, and he will now be able to prosecute those cases.

Many of those crimes include drug and gun charges and felons being in possession of ammunition.

"You can't do anything about those in state court, and so you're strictly completely relying on the U.S. Attorney in those instances to take those cases, and obviously they have limited staffing and things like that. So this allows us to take a certain type of case and then file it into federal court, whereas before, we'd be powerless to do anything" said Hultgrenn.

Hultgrenn will still work in the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office.

He expects about 85% of his work to still be the same.