Drama Teacher Could be a Millionaire

<p>Potential Millionaire Josh Darby</p>

Potential Millionaire Josh Darby

A Richland drama teacher is competing for a chance to win a million bucks in a special edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

Josh Darby is in the hot seat in New York City on the "Millionaire's Countdown to the Oscars Show." And it's all about the movie trivia.

Darby says he entered a contest on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Facebook page.  He says it was plain dumb luck that he won a spot on national television.

"Who knew this could even happen. Not me for sure.. I just thought I was winning a chance to be in a draw, and it turns out I already won!" said Darby.

Darby does have a day job, which he says may have prepared him for this exact type of trivia.  He is a show director for the Academy of Children's Theatre in Richland.

He admits loves anything related to movies, theater or television.  

"My movie knowledge is finally paying off. And so that's awesome.  I love that my (drama) kids get to share in it with me and stuff like that and they're really super supportive - like dude we're so looking forward to it. And I'm like - I know, it's pretty cool."

Josh won a three day all expenses paid trip to the big apple.  He was treated to Broadway play, he met Meredith Vieira, and he was lucky enough to take his mom along with him.

Darby couldn't give us any details about how much money he won... but he did say he's featured at the end of tonight's show, and will return tomorrow for the beginning of another show.