Inslee sworn in as governor

After more than two months of preparing to take office, Jay Inslee officially becomes Washington's 23rd governor today.

After being sworn in to office this morning, Governor Inslee made his inauguration speech at the state capital early this afternoon.

He says his top priority as governor is to get Washington back to work.

"Make no mistake. Our top priority today, tomorrow and every single day for the next four years is jobs" said Inslee (D).

The newly appointed governor pledged to bring "disruptive change to Olympia".

He says he wants state government to be more efficient, effective and transparent.

"And I will be taking action to transition to a results and data driven government with continuous quality improvements, employee engagement and clear accountability" said Inslee.

And Inslee spoke about making improvements to the two issues former governor Christine Gregoire said needs extra attention during her state of the state speech yesterday: Transportation.

"Roads, trains, light rail, buses, bike routes, pedestrian and every other mode of transportation" said Inslee.

And education.

"We need to increase the emphasis on STEM education. Science, technology, engineering, math are just as important to the next generation as the three R's were to my generation" said Inslee.

But one of Inslee's other high priorities is addressing climate change.

He says Washington has an opportunity to be a global leader in clean energy, and he doesn't want to lose that.

"And I cannot allow our state to miss this moment, which is our destiny to lead the world in clean energy" said Inslee.

Governor Inslee plans to create jobs by focusing on growth in seven industries: Aerospace, life sciences, the military, agriculture, information technology, clean energy technology and maritime trade.

The state legislature is facing a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall this year.

The 105-day session in Olympia started on Monday.