New Businesses Adding To City's Renovation Plan

<p>Casa Vittore</p>

Casa Vittore

Over the past month, several new businesses have opened in downtown Yakima.

We met with Danielle Perkins, who was studying for her nursing classes at her new favorite restauraunt in town, Casa Vittore.

Perkins says she's noticed several new businesses open up in the downtown Yakima area, and is glad to see more options becoming available.

"I think you're surrounded by enough businesses, and the place where I can park is really close," said Perkins, "I'm not walking several blocks to get somewhere, I park and I'm here."

Over the past few weeks, businesses like Casa Vittore have opened up their doors to customers in the Yakima area.

Mickey's Pub and Orion Cinema opened a few weeks ago, it's a 21 and over bar where people can order a drink and watch a movie at the same time.

And if you're looking to get help with promoting your business, Mean Girls opened their business to the Yakima area at the beginning of the year.

Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke tells us since these businesses have opened, the number of people flocking to downtown has increased significantly.

"We're looking forward to continued success and the growth of businesses and people treating downtown as a true destination," said O'Rourke.

"We are here because we thought it was the best location you can get in this city -- in this town," said Casa Vittore owner Victor Renteria, "I think we didn't get that wrong."

Although the city wants more businesses to come to the downtown area, there are those we spoke to that say they have their inhibitions due to the fact that they don't feel safe traveling around the area at night.

"From all the bad news that we've been seeing, you just never know when things are going to happen to you," said Fabiola Rodriguez, "you can get caught up in situations that are really dangerous, especially downtown."

Despite the potential dangers, Danielle Perkins says it won't stop her from enjoying the new attractions downtown.

"I do watch the news and I hear about the gangs, and the shootings freak me out," said Perkins, "So I carry a little mace in my purse and usually take a friend with me."

O'Rourke says the city plans to add foot and bike police patrols to the downtown area in the near future.