Inmates Rescue Boys From River

<p>Salmon Creek River</p>

Salmon Creek River

A group of inmates wasted no time jumping into a cold river yesterday north of Vancouver, Washington to rescue two boys.

The boys' canoe capsized on the salmon creek.

A 16-year-old was able to swim to shore, but an eight and ten-year-old were left clinging to debris in the water.

Three inmates on a work release detail nearby say they had no time to think, and simply acted by jumping in the water after the boys.

John Fowler was one of the rescuers.  "All I had in my train of thought was to help these kids, we needed to get them to shore and I kept thinking the current was so fast. I used all my energy to get them to a safe spot," says Fowler.

Witness, David Vincent says "Everyone's human and when you see someone in trouble you want to get out there and help them out.  It's good to see anyone from any background assisting a person out there.  I tip my hat to them."

The boys and the two inmates were taken to the hospital for mild hypothermia.