Tashia Stuart Trial: Closing Arguments

<p>Tashia Stuart</p>

Tashia Stuart

The Tashia Stuart trial comes to a close today, as the prosecution and defense give their final closing statements in Franklin County Court.

But this morning before any closing statements were made, there were oral arguments fromboth sides to decide if the jury could consider lesser charges in the event of a guilty verdict.

The judge ruled the jury can do so on the justifiable homicide charge Stuart faces.

The options for the jury now include murder in the second degree, or manslaughter in the first or second degrees.

Stuart is accused of killing her adoptive mother, Judy Hebert, in Pasco in March of 2011.

Hebert's extended family was present for final statements, and several members of her family broke down as the prosecution showed video of her injuries.

The defense claims Stuart acted in self defense, after Hebert attacked her with a hatchet.
The prosecution contends this was a murder for financial gain.

The case will now go to the jury.