Lifeguards Rescue Woman From Yakima River

<p>Amy Thorpe and Patrick Gonseth</p>

Amy Thorpe and Patrick Gonseth

Patrick Gonseth and Amy Thorpe are no strangers to water.

Between the both of them, they share multiple years of experience, both as lifeguards and swim instructors.

Those skills were put to the test this weekend.

"It was a really lucky coincidence," said Gonseth.

Gonseth and Thorpe were canoeing down the Yakima River near the Big Pines campground, when they spotted the unconscious body of 27-year-old Brandi Leingang floating nearby.

"Her head was caught in the rocks, and the rest of her was just kind of going with the current," said Thorpe, "I knew she was in trouble."

"It was obvious she was not aware that we were there," said Gonseth, "She was just kind of floating there passed out.

That's when they got out of the canoe and loaded Leingang onto it and pulled it upstream for nearly 20 minutes until they got to the shore, where they were able to contact 911.

Leingang was treated by paramedics, who determined she had somehow fallen in the river because she was heavily intoxicated.

Many now regard Gonseth and Thorpe as heroes, however, they says it's just another day in the water for a lifeguard.

"I've probably been a lifeguard nonstop since I was a teenager," said Thorpe, "[Instinct] just kind of takes over."