Early Morning Homicide in Richland

Richland police are investigating an early morning homicide which took place near 240 and Beardsley Road at about 7:00 AM this morning. The victim has been identified as 17 year old Joshua Snapp of Richland.

18 year old John Young and 19 year old Joshua Hunt have been arrsted for the killing and charged with first degree murder.

Richland police Captain Mike Cobb tells Your Local ABC that Hunt and Young lured Snapp to Beardsley Road under the pretext of smoking marijuana. Hunt and Young then confronted Snapp about being an informant and money the victim owed to Hunt. Police tell us Hunt and Young then shot Snapp in the head and chest.

Police tell us the two then traveled to Benton City, stopping at the Conoco off of I-82, where they put several items into a pack and then threw them into the Yakima River. Young asked the clerk to call     9-1-1, and Benton County Sheriff's deputies arrived to take the two into custody. The witness is being interviewed by law enforcement.