Fourth of July Results In Packed Animal Shelters

<p>Fireworks Frighten Dogs</p>

Fireworks Frighten Dogs

Animal shelters in our area have had their hands full this Fourth of July.

The Tri Cities Animal Shelter says they're already at full capacity.

Overnight, they received 20 reports of lost and found pets and expect that number to go up to above 50 by tonight.

With people being busy with the long holiday weekend, animal control officials say few animals have been claimed.

"The sad part is the owners that are out of town, that somebody else is supposed to watching their dogs for,"
 said shelter director, Angela Zilar, "Those are the harder ones to get reconnected. Because owners don't know their pets are missing."

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter wants to remind you that you have three business days to claim your animals or they go up for adoption.