UPDATE: Killing of Joshua Snapp

Arrest affadavits in the killing of Joshua Snapp Thursday show that both suspects, 18 year old John Young and 19 year old Joshua Hunt each shot Snapp after accusing him of being an informant and saying that he owed money to Hunt.

According to the arrest report, after the trio smoked some marijuana near Beardsley Road and 240 in the Horn Rapids area of Richland, Young and Hunt confronted Snapp, with Hunt shooting Snapp several times in the chest and then Young shooting him in the head.

Young and Hunt then changed shoes after realizing they left footprints in the sand and drove to the Conoco in Benton City where Hunt put the gun and their original shoes into a bag and threw them into the Yakima River. 

Both are being held in the Benton County jail on suspicion of first degree murder and made their initial court appearances Friday. Each is bering held on $250,000 bail. The state has until Tuesday at 5PM to officially file charges