Fever to Play in 2014


At 11:12 Sunday night, team owner Teri Carr sent out an email to the media announcing her intention to play in 2014. The future of the team had been in limbo for a week after Carr announced she and her family could not sustain substantial losses again next season.

Below is a portion of the email Carr sent out: 

What is clear is that we can’t close the doors after receiving the input and suggestion from so many.  We need to know that we have tried everything we can and that means taking the input seriously and applying it.   We asked for input, we received it and now we need to use it.

The consistent comment we received from those that have not been to a game or have been to only one or two is that the ticket prices need to be more affordable.  They need to be affordable for a family to be able to attend more than one a season.

We also received input about promotions and other in game experiences that fans would like to see.

As a result we will be lowering  ticket prices across the board, lowering merchandise prices, and bundle concession/ticket packages. While this may initially seem like a bigger loss, if it brings in the number of fans that we need it will be successful.  

We will not just count on lower ticket prices to make the difference, many of the ideas, suggestions and comments that we received can be used and were enlightening.  

I wish to thank those that took the time to send in their comments, support and suggestions.  It is because of those that the Fever will once again be on the field in 2014.