No Mistrial in the Stuart Trial

<p>Tashia Stuart</p>

Tashia Stuart

The judge rules today in the request for a mistrial in the Tashia Stuart murder trial in Franklin County Court.
Judge Cameron Mitchell ruled there would be no mistrial in the trial this afternoon.

Testimony had been put on hold friday until a decision was made on the defense's request

Defense atttorneys Bob Thompson and Peter Connick had called for prosecutor Shawn Sant's removal from the case for violating evidence rules last week.

They also wanted Sant to be called as a witness.

The defense said Sant did not give a complete written synopsis of Tonya Amende's statement to the defense.

Amende was a neighbor and friend of Judy Hebert, who was shot to death inside her Salmon Drive home on March 3, 2011.

Today Judge Mitchell said the new information had came out during testimony at the trial, and the prosecution had not purposely mislead the court or the defense.

Forty-year-old Stuart is charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.

Her claim is self defense, and that her adoptive mother, Hebert, had attacked her with an axe.

The jury will return to the courtroom tomorrow when testimony will continue.