Construction work begins on Carousel of Dreams project

<p>Carousel Construction</p>

Carousel Construction

After more than a decade of planning, fundraising and hard work, the Carousel of Dreams project takes its biggest step toward reality today, as crews start construction on the project.

A crew manning an excavator has been at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex for hours today digging up the grass and dirt - to make way for the carousel.

The carousel will be built right next to the main facility at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex.

The area is fenced off right now, and wooden stakes are placed in the ground - outlining where the carousel will go.

There is a gazebo in the area right now - that will be moved to a nearby location at the park.

When the project is completed, the building housing the carousel will be 9,600 square feet.

It will have a banquet facility, a caterer's kitchen and a deck outside.

"This has been more than 12 years and a lot of people, lot of minds got together, and we're at that day where we're finally digging a hole and we're building this thing. It's huge for this organization and this community. It's a big step" said Eric Van Winkle, Carousel Foundation.

Organizers have most of the money they need to completely fund the project, but they are still looking to raise another $400,000 - $500,000.

That money will help organizers put most of the finishing touches on the project - like stock the gift shop and create a concessions stand.

Van Winkle hopes to have the carousel up and running within the next four to six months.