Fire destroys shed, damages 2 Pasco homes

<p>Shed Fire</p>

Shed Fire

A fire destroys a shed and damages two homes in Pasco this morning.

The flames broke out behind a home on Owens Avenue just after 9 AM.

A shed behind the home caught fire, and the flames caused some damage to the back of that home and the side of a neighbor's home.

Neighbors who first saw the fire called 911 and notified their neighbors who owned the shed.

They say when the fire was burning, they were concerned they might lose their house.

"I was kind of scared, but I was more nervous. Cuz you never know if somebody was inside, or what caused the fire" said Xeavier Mora, neighbor.

"What if my house burns down? Not only their shed, but my house. And where am I gonna go next if it actually does burn down?" said Itzel Mora, neighbor.

The fire did not cause any damage to the inside of the two homes.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

They say it does not appear to be suspicious.