Tax Levy Increase?

<p>Franklin Fire District #3</p>

Franklin Fire District #3

Franklin County Fire District 3 held a community meeting tonight to discuss a possible tax levy increase to continue funding for Emergency Medical Services.

Fire District 3 services the outskirts of Pasco.

Fire Chief Les Litzenberger said the district has been pulling out of their fire budget to fund the EMS.

That service accounts for more than 50% of their operation and without more funds, EMS will end in February of next year.

Fire commissioners are asking voters to approve a 32-cent levy increase per every $1,000 in home value in order to continue funding.

Those funds would pay for ambulances, equipment and emergency medical technicians.

EMS calls have increased in this area by more than 10% in the last 5 years.

If services are cut, who will show up if someone needs an ambulance in the district? Chief Litzenberger says that remains the big question mark.

"If we don't have an increase in funding from this lid lift or another opportunity in February for the same thing, the Fire District 3 is out of the Emergency Medical Services business come February 30th," said Chief Litzenberger.

A resolution must be passed by July 9th and if the district agrees to move forward with the proposition of a tax levy increase, the measure would on the November General Election Ballot.

If the measure is approved, the county would begin collecting the levy next year.