Local Vets Want "A" Street Renamed in Honor of WWII Hero

<p>Sgt. Jack Pendleton</p>

Sgt. Jack Pendleton

Vietnam veteran Rick Beck stands at the grave of a fallen soldier.

For the past few weeks, he and other local vets have put together a request to have this soldier's name immortalized on the streets of Yakima; Sergeant Jack James Pendleton.

Pendleton was a soldier during World War II.

In October of 1944, Pendleton and his company were pinned down by enemy gunfire.

Despite suffering a serious leg injury, Pendleton took what was left of his grenades and used them to draw the gunfire away from his platoon.

"He drew fire to himself to draw fire away from his men so that they could knock out a machine gun nest."

Pendleton was killed that day -- the act of sacrifice earned him a Medal of Honor posthumously, making him the only Yakima resident to receive it.

Pendleton is buried at Tahoma Cemetary, amongst others who served their country.

Although he's at peace with those who made the ultimate sacrifice, vets still believe his name deserves a place other than what's engraved in granite and limestone.

"Renaming this street Sergeant Pendleton Boulevard will put veterans in front of everybody every time they cross the street," said Beck, "They'll remember Sergeant Pendleton and all other veterans as well"

A hometown hero may be receiving the honor he deserves; but for many local veterans, it's a stark reminder of the sacrifice they make for the honor.

"People tend to forget," said Beck, "And if you don't have something there to remind them, it'll all go away."

The Yakima City Council will review the application to rename "A" street at it's next city council meeting - that will be on Tuesday.