Pasco Police Investigating Motel Homicide

<p>Tahitian Inn</p>

Tahitian Inn

Pasco police are searching for answers after they find a person dead in an extended stay motel room this morning.

Officers say a fire took place in the room, and they have not identified the body yet.

They are investigating the death as a homicide.

People staying at the motel say the death is causing them enough concern to think about moving out.

Lance Patton has been staying at the Tahitian Inn on West Lewis Street with his wife for nearly a year, and says he's nervous about staying there much longer after today's possible homicide.

"Yeah, it's scary that I put my wife in that position" said Patton.

This morning, a maid at the motel who was cleaning up found a dead body in one of the rooms.

The maid said the room was a mess, and the body was on the floor.

Pasco police arrived just before 10 AM to investigate.

"We've encountered a deceased individual inside one of the rooms here, it appears to be a fire that has taken place inside the room" said Cpt. Jim Raymond, Pasco Police Department.

Investigators say the fire damaged the inside of the room - the maid said the room looked black.

Officers say the fire looks suspicious.

"The room is suspicious in nature, there appears to have been something that has taken place that's suspicious, and we're going to investigate that and try to determine the facts" said Cpt. Raymond.

Patton says the motel isn't the safest place to live.

He says police officers regularly visit the property, and he keeps a crowbar and a knife in his room, just in case something happens.

"Every month, there's cops here. Drugs and alcohol, and whatever people do" said Patton.

After today's possible homicide, Patton is getting ready to move out.

He says he doesn't feel comfortable living there with his wife anymore.

"I told her, we're gonna leave within the week" said Patton.

Members of the Washington State Patrol crime lab arrived at the motel this afternoon.

They will spend tonight processing the scene.

Then, the Franklin County coroner will take the body and prepare for an autopsy.

The coroner says when he looked into the room, it was not clear if the body had been burned or not.

He hopes to have more information tomorrow.