RSD provides update on bond projects


From the Richland School District:

Below is a bond issue projects update with Mark Panther, RSD Executive Director of Support Services.

Three Request for Qualifications (RFQ) were issued by the District on February 27:

1) Advertise RFQ to lead the Education Specifications process for the four elementary schools.
2) Advertise RFQ for the Chief Joseph Middle School HVAC design and bid package.
3) Advertise RFQ for the Fran Rish Stadium visitors side design and bid package.

What are Request For Qualifications (RFQ) and when do they close? 

RFQs for this first set of bond projects must be submitted by March 21, 2013.  RFQs are notices for professional firms to provide the District their qualifications to perform work that we want done,  the disciplines that they have on staff such as professional engineer/mechanical, project management, electrical engineering, experience building/renovating schools, familiarity with school construction and the OSPI process (critical since OSPI guidelines dictate the way we get state matching money) etc.

What is the next step? 

One of the next steps is a workshop where staff will provide the school board with a budget and sequence for each specific project.  This must be correlated with the OSPI process of when state matching money will be reimbursed to the District.  It deals with how cash and payments flow, the schedule of payments/reimbursements, also the selection of professional services firms to do portions of the work.

What are the Educational Specifications timelines for the four elementary schools?

This will be discussed at the upcoming board workshop. 

When will the Chief Joseph HVAC work be started and completed?

We are working now on the Chief Joseph Ed Specs process and we hope to have that done by early summer. The current inefficient HVAC system will be replaced with a more efficient boiler/chiller system.  The system first has to be designed.  Equipment will then be ordered and it may take six to eight weeks for delivery. We hope to have that work done quickly, but it is a challenging and complex job that requires planning and may not be completed during the summer. We are waiting for professional services companies to respond to the RFQs to determine who is qualified to design and complete the work.  This project involves the City of Richland and state L&I electrical inspectors, and will be heavily regulated by them. 

When will the upgrades to the Fran Rish Stadium visitors section be started and completed?

The stadium work is underway with the RFQ.  We should be able to select an architect fairly quickly after the RFQ closes. This work may be done in phases so as not to disrupt stadium activities.