Outlook Man Dead After Police Shooting

Yellow police tape still litters the area where a Sunnyside police officer killed a suspect yesterday at the corner of Harrison and Tacoma Avenues.

Rosa Garza said she saw it all happen next to the T.W. Market, across the street from her home.

"That guy was just standing there, looking at the cop with the gun in the air, shooting it," said Garza, "He was telling them to shoot him."

Sunnyside police were called to the scene around 4 o'clock yesterday after they heard reports of gunshots being fired.

When police arrived, they found 27 year old Ramon Ayala, near a phone booth, firing a gun into the air.

Officers took up defensive positions, and asked Ayala to drop the gun -- instead, he turned it towards an officer, who then shot Ayala in the chest.

"I'm scared, to be honest," said Manny Sanchez, "Because we've been coming here for many-many years and nothing like this ever happened here. It's scary."

Ayala was taken to Sunnyside Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, shortly after.

Police say despite the unusualness of the situation, that didn't stop them from acting in self defense.

"It is an unusual situation," said Sgt. Joe Glossen, "However, if a suspect chooses to point a gun at an officer; because of the threat -- the deadly threat, the officer can't afford not to respond."

Rosa Garza admits it was one of the scariest moments of her life, and won't be forgetting it any time soon.

"It felt like it was in a movie or something," said Garza, "You know how in the movie scenes, the cops are right there, and everything happens all quickly? It was just a shock."

The Sunnyside Police Department said the officer involved in the shooting has been put on paid administrative leave, and the investigation has been handed to Washington State Patrol.

Police say the incident is not gang related.