Man Found Dead In Downtown Yakima

<p>Front Street Death</p>

Front Street Death

Investigators combed through a parking lot this morning in the middle of Downtown Yakima.

At around 7 a.m., officers were called to the area near the corner of North Front Street and East A Street -- where the body of a dead man was found in a flower planter.

The man has signs of extensive head trauma, police believe that he may have been killed some time last night.

Marie Lichota  says her family owns the Carousel French Cuisine Restaurant, and was shocked someone would turn up dead outside of their door.

"At night time, when the restaurant does close, which is around 9:30-10:00, we do take our garbages down to the dump across the parking lot here.," said Lichota, "We decided we're probably not going to be doing that for a little while"

Several businesses were closed to the public all morning while detectives worked to piece together all the events that lead to this man's death.

Police say the man had no identification on him.

They estimate he was in his mid 50's, about 5 foot 9, 225 pounds with white hair and a white beard -- police say the condition of his clothing could possibly mean the man was a transient.

"If there's a profile for the people in that area, he certainly would have fit in," said Capt. Rod Light, "He wasn't dressed in a suit... He was dressed to fit the profile of the people that generally hang out down in that area."

Marie Lichota says if the man was murdered, she hopes the killer is found, and security restored to downtown.

"Right now was kind of the worst time for this to happen, I hope that we don't lose business to it," said Lichota, "We shouldn't. This stuff never happens on Front Street."

Yakima police say the death does not appear to be gang related.

The man's autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.