Students Test Frisbee Throwing Bots

Thousands of students and spectators from across the state spend the weekend at Central Washington University competing in a robotics tournament.

Students from each school designed and constructed a team of robots which competed against another team in 3-on-3 ultimate frisbee.

Each robot is capable of throwing a frisbee up to 60 miles per hour, with an accuracy of up to 50 feet.

One local student from Wapato says the competition gave his team the chance to meet others with the same interests as them.

"It's kind of fun to see that you're not alone when it comes to 'oh I like robots, I like sitting in front a computing doing this, or getting my hands dirty with a hammer or something,'" said Bernabe De La Cruz.

The top scorers from the competition will be competing in the national championship later on this year.