Gifted Teen Musician

<p>Hannah Fulton</p>

Hannah Fulton

A gifted 16-year-old Richland high schooler is honored for excellence in music and will soon have the rare privelege of having her original composition sung by a Seattle choir.

Hannah Fulton, an 11th grade student at Hanford High School, has been playing and writing music for more than eight years.

She was recently awarded first place in a choral composition competition by Opus 7.  The Seattle-based professional choral group picks the best original score for a performance in May.

Hannah says she still hasn't fully grasped the meaning of this honor, but it's slowly sinking in.

"it's huge. I mean I've never had anyone play my piece before -- other than me. And for a choir and that many people to be singing it is just mindblowing. And I can't imagine hearing it for the first time."

She hasn't had a chance to hear her work because she wrote it with the help of a computer, but the piece was written for acapella. 

She will get the chance to hear her creation called Sunrise for the first time when the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers sing it in the next few weeks.

She will also get the opportunity to rehearse and direct her work with Opus 7 before the perfomance in May.