Thousands gather in Kennewick for IT Day

<p>IT Day</p>

IT Day

Thousands of people looking to get their hands on the newest technology fill the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick today for IT Day.

IT stands for information technology.

Today's convention brought people together from across our region to see the latest and greatest developments in technology.

More than 2,500 people packed the convention center for the 13th annual event.

More than 60 vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco and Lockheed Martin had new developments on display.

Many high school students also attended the event, showing off robots they've built, a brain scanner, even a 3D printer.

Speakers also held break-out sessions throughout the day, covering topics like cyber threats, technology trends, and the tech battle between Apple and Amazon.

"Everything around here today has been amazing, you get to see things that normally you don't get to see. A lot of technology that you hear about, people talk about, but you don't actually get to see it working" said Isaac Chassin, Delta H.S. student.

"With the constant changing pace of the IT environment, it provides a pipeline of students and employees. It allows vendors and consumers to connect. In this region, there's nothing else like it" said Kyle Willers, Lockheed Martin.

Aside from checking out the new technology, organizers say IT Day is a great way to network with people.

Lockheed Martin hosted the event.