City Selling Portion of N. Second Avenue

<p>2nd Avenue Closure</p>

2nd Avenue Closure

For over 90 years, Lynn's Buchanan's family has run a  truck scale house.

Buchanan thought business wouldn't be going anywhere soon, however, that was put to a halt earlier this week.

"It's an indication that the people who are running our city council now just don't want to expand businesses," Buchanan.

The Yakima City Council voted 4-3 to sell a section of North Second Avenue and West D Street to the Hops Extract Corporation of America -- at the cost of $28,000.

Buchanan's business is located right across the street from it.

The company asked the city to close off and isolate the hops processor for safety reasons.

The company also said if the city said no, it would consider leaving town.

Some city council members who voted to approve the request to vacate say they did it because they wanted to keep the business here, along with the many jobs it provides.

The planning department says it typically deals with 5 to 6 requests per year, and says it's very rare that they deal with a request as controversial as this.

"I've only had maybe 2 or 3 heavily contested right of way vacations in my career with the city," said City Supervising Planning Bruce Benson, "And that's within the last 22-23 years."

There are still a few more weeks before an ordinance is drafted and signed by the city council, however, that deadline couldn't be approaching faster for Lynn Buchanan.

"[it's] Going to be a dead business, the city has chased out of business," Buchanan, "The city council, by a vote of 4 to 3, four council members decided that they didn't need this business. So we're gone!"

We attempted to contact the hop processing company's attorney, however, our calls were not returned.